Shadows is based off Plato’s “Cave Analogy”. We are in post production and should have a trailer soon.

Raise Your Hand

Raise Your Hand is about a Christian college student, Micah Hart who is challenged by his atheist professor concerning his faith. Micah in reply, brings up different points and evidences to defend his faith.  Raise Your Hand is basically a glorified lecture based off of several sermons and books written … Continue reading

Like Treasure

Sam Canfield lives an ordinary life until he bumps into a man with a lollypop. Based on the parable of the hidden treasure, this story is bound to bring a smile to your face.


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Demo Director

Demo Director is our commercial-demo department of MCE Media. From Presentations, photo montages, animated demos showing just what your business can do, and even HD video. The Demo Director can do it all for you .

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